Level 1

  • Blow bubbles under the water.

  • Submerge their entire face underwater.

  • Propel themselves through the water using their legs or arms with buoyancy aid.

  • Lie on their back in the water with a buoyancy aid.

  • Walk through the water.

  • Jump into the arms of the instructor in deeper water.


10 Meters

  • Swim 10 meters twice using regular breathing.


Level 2

  • Propel themselves through the water with their face submerged without buoyancy aid.

  • Jump in and then get out without any help.

  • Float on their back.

  • Float on their front.

  • Propel themselves through the water on their back using a buoyancy aid.

  • Hold their breath underwater for 3 seconds.


25 Meters

Swim 25 meters twice without holding onto the sides and stopping. A recognised stroke has to be used, front crawl, breast stroke or backstroke.

5m cert.jpg

5 Meters

  • Swim 5 meters twice and take a breath at some point during the swim